Knocked-down fibre-optic line creates concern

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A Brantford woman was awakened by a loud bang Thursday morning, arriving downstairs in her home to find police on the front porch.

Mia Vamos-Yuhasz eventually spoke to her next-door neighbour who said that a passing transport truck struck a Bell fibre-optic cable strung from a utility pole across the street . That cable led to Vamos-Yuhasz’s Richmond Street home.

“The fibre-optic cable was too low and caught on it,” she said, adding that shortly afterward a van with a ladder on top caught the line and pulled it completely down, sending the ladder to the roadway with a bang.

Brantford Police, City of Brantford staff and Brantford Power were on scene, as power had to be disconnected because the hydro service mast was felled by the fibre-optic line connected to it, leaving exposed live wires.

Vamos-Yuhasz lives at the house with her parents, Bob Yuhasz and Joanne Vamos.

“I work from home, so I’m missing a day of work, and my dad is missing a day of work,” said the 28-year-old, who relies on the Internet to do her job as a scheduling department supervisor for a Toronto firm.


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Vamos-Yuhasz called Bell and said the frontline agent didn’t seem very sympathetic.

“At the end of the call it sounded like they were saying it couldn’t be their fault,” she said. “We said they needed to take this seriously because it appeared the line was installed too low.”

The family also spoke to their insurance company and called electrician Mark Walker to make the repairs.

Walker estimated the cost to replace the service mast, meter box and outdoor connections would be about $1,000.

The family wore coats inside the house after the temperature dropped without electricity for six hours. Power was restored at 3 p.m.

Vamos-Yuhasz said a Bell technician arrived at about 3:30 p.m. to reconnect the family’s Internet.

She said the worker observed that the original fibre optic line, installed shortly after Christmas, appeared to have been too low.

A new connection was made on the utility pole, about two metres higher.

Bell was contacted by The Expositor but did not comment on the incident.

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